Zine: Northern Heritage II (2000)

In an attempt to provide something you won’t find on any other of the trillion blogs online, try these scans of a Northern Heritage Zine (Issue II) circa 2000, featuring interviews with (a rather immature) Deathspell Omega, Blackdeath, Helwetti (featuring Warloghe drummer) and Musta Surma, some music/zine reviews and the occasional elitist rambling from this now infamous label. Click to enlarge. Expect more zines and scans in the future. Enjoy!

1- Front/Back Cover 2

3+4- Deathspell Omega Interview

5+6- Helwetti Interview

7+8- Blackdeath Interview

9+10- Musta Surma Interview

11-17 Reviews

18- Ramblings


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