It Only Gets Worse

An unlikely duo turn out to be the perfect pairing as they explore the downward spiral together.

Spire – Metamorph

Excellent ambient black metal that bends the blueprints of the genre from this Australian horde.


Bleak, oppressive and noisy black metal played with conviction.


A mossy hand reaches out through the stagnant sea fog; experience Haar’s lumbering black metal in here.

Ural Umbo – Delusion of Hope

The colossal Ural Umbo emerges from the depths under a new form. Delusion of Hope is a harrowing example of modern-day kosmische terrorism. Out now on Utech Records.

Dethroned Emperor – Undermine

The first ‘true’ release by these masters of depraved feral urges. Base, instinctive and unashamedly violent – Dethroned Emperor put 99% of bestial death and grindcore outfits to shame.