Media Tree Recordings Sampler 2011

Media Tree Recordings offer up a free-to-download sampler containing new release materials from the likes of Ensorcelor, Livimorket, Monarch, Eibon, Pallbearer and Æsahættr.

Ascension – Consolamentum

Superb dissonant, epicly crafted Black Metal by members of Katharsis. Give the sample a listen, check out the artwork and most importantly, get on this early.

Sutekh Hexen – Ritualistic

Featuring top notch artwork by esteemed LURKER bro Black Uroborus, Sutekh Hexen’s latest ritual attack on the pillars of black metal and noise has been unleashed by Fragment Factory in a limited run of 50 cassettes.

Maths – Ascent 7″ pre-order

As the hardcore underground grimaced in pain at the mainstream hi-jacking and contortion of  ‘screamo’ into something more meaningless than it ever was before,…