dark ambient

      Circle of Eyes

      Crackling chasms of decay from a loose collective of Bay Area stalwarts. A criminally unheralded project.

      It Only Gets Worse

      An unlikely duo turn out to be the perfect pairing as they explore the downward spiral together.

      Ural Umbo – Delusion of Hope

      The colossal Ural Umbo emerges from the depths under a new form. Delusion of Hope is a harrowing example of modern-day kosmische terrorism. Out now on Utech Records.

      Label Spotlight: Frequency 13, the grim disco

      Through the smog and haze of an industrial wasteland emerges a genuine underground movement. The secretive Frequency 13 coven share some insights into their unique brand of drug-fuelled black psychedelia.

      Heinali & Matt Finney – Ain’t No Night

      The latest and greatest from Heinali & Matt Finney is a down-trodden march through the degradation of civilisation set to a cinematic ambient masterpiece. Available for pre-order from Paradigms.