It Only Gets Worse

An unlikely duo turn out to be the perfect pairing as they explore the downward spiral together.

Preterite Interview

Interviewing James Hamilton (Nebris) and Geneviève Beaulieu (Menace Ruine) about their new project, Preterite.

Ural Umbo – Delusion of Hope

The colossal Ural Umbo emerges from the depths under a new form. Delusion of Hope is a harrowing example of modern-day kosmische terrorism. Out now on Utech Records.

Label Spotlight: Frequency 13, the grim disco

Through the smog and haze of an industrial wasteland emerges a genuine underground movement. The secretive Frequency 13 coven share some insights into their unique brand of drug-fuelled black psychedelia.

Gates – The Prevailing Wind

Presenting a passage of subdued serenity that haunts the waking mind, Bryan W Bray conjures subtle, tense melodies intended for evenings of melancholy contemplation.

Heinali & Matt Finney – Ain’t No Night

The latest and greatest from Heinali & Matt Finney is a down-trodden march through the degradation of civilisation set to a cinematic ambient masterpiece. Available for pre-order from Paradigms.