Servile Sect Interview on ‘Trvth’

The story behind ‘Trvth’, the bands influences and some interesting anecdotes. Our interview with Servile Sect and review of their genre-defying, project defining opus ‘Trvth’.


GOG rank above what we have come to expect from the drone genre. Michael Bjella’s project lingers long after the album end and serves as a great catalyst to reflective thought.

Horse Latitudes – Gathering

Low end riffing, spiritual affirmation, hypnotised euphoria; Horse Latitude’s dual bass incantations capture the most surreal, epic and psychedelic voyage into the annals of doom since Horseback raised our consciousnesses with The Invisible Mountain last year.


After one year spent honing skills, refining skull-sludgery and peering endlessly into the abyss that is so vividly captured by these doomophiles, Ohio’s Sabre unleashed their first full length through Pact Ink Records earlier this year.

Gates – Moths Have Eaten The Core

Gates is one man channelling drone so mesmerisingly apocalyptic in scope, you’d be forgiven for suffocating in its presence. Blackened droning ambience of the highest order.