Asva – Presences of Absences

Good things come to those who wait. Asva’s latest album, Presences of Absences, was brewed to perfection over three years and it’s their most daring effort to date.

Gates – The Prevailing Wind

Presenting a passage of subdued serenity that haunts the waking mind, Bryan W Bray conjures subtle, tense melodies intended for evenings of melancholy contemplation.

Neige Morte

Vicious, uncompromising and experimental, Neige Morte are another fine example of France’s indispensable contribution to the underground. Out now on Aurora Borealis.

Into the Nether: Dutch metal

Although the Netherlands has a wealth of metal oddities plying their trade throughout the country, it’s difficult to identify a cohesive scene. Many bands seem to bury their noses in their work and pay little heed to what others are doing. As a result, the Dutch scene has exploded in a torrent of originality.