Wreck and Reference – Youth

      The innovative Wreck and Reference have flourished since their demo. In an attempt to kill two birds with one stone, LURKER reviews their new album, Youth, then explores it with Ignat and Felix in an in-depth and exclusive interview.

      Heinali & Matt Finney – Ain’t No Night

      The latest and greatest from Heinali & Matt Finney is a down-trodden march through the degradation of civilisation set to a cinematic ambient masterpiece. Available for pre-order from Paradigms.

      Whirl – Distressor

      After passing comments by Neige of a slight ‘shoegaze’ influence in the music he wrote as Alcest and the subsequent success of this project,…

      Deafheaven – DFHVN

      Like the first piercing shard of light through the black, tumultuous clouds of argument that have erupted in recent months over the ‘infestation’ of…

      Grouper Hold/Sick 7″ pre-order

      Damn. I haven’t listened to Grouper in a long, long while. With this new release Hold/Sick out on Aussie label Room40, it’s high time that…

      New Jesu Release & One Day Sale!

      Hydra Head have, somewhat dubiously, sparked my curiosity by offering all digital Jesu releases at a massively reduced price over at their new online…

      Loveless in 128

      So I’m listening to Loveless at 128. My Bloody Valentine are great, it’s been a while. Haters gonna hate.