Starve/Terzij de Horde – A Chosen Hollow

      Stream the new split from the Netherland’s finest in its entirety. Sludge-merchants Starve come to blows with the forward-thinking black metal of Terzij de Horde in a unified concept of “a chosen hollow”.

      Cannabis Corpse live in Camden

      Gimmick? What gimmick? A set of stunning death metal proficiency from Cannabis Corpse could leave even the most vehement naysayer quivering in their boots and weeping like a child. LURKER reports back on this incredible London gig with photographs and a video.

      Label Spotlight: Frequency 13, the grim disco

      Through the smog and haze of an industrial wasteland emerges a genuine underground movement. The secretive Frequency 13 coven share some insights into their unique brand of drug-fuelled black psychedelia.

      Archon – The Ruins at Dusk

      Archon hail the elders with reverence but carve out a more than sufficient niche of their own. So buckle up, light a doob and follow those vapour trails to the riff-filled land with this excellent debut.

      Dopefight – Buds

      Having already done everything I can to thrust Brighton’s Dopefight on to the metal-devouring public, it makes sense to give their new record a…

      Sunn O))) to curate Roadburn 2011

      Everyone’s favourite festival for the doomed, stoned and droned is to be curated by Stephen O’Malley and Greg Anderson of the infamous drone duo…