Deathspell Omega – Paracletus (lyrics)

…anyone who
speaks against the Holy
either in this age, or in
the age to come
Matt. 12:32

Come, Thou Sanctifier, almighty and eternal God,
and bless this sacrifice prepared for the glory of Thy Holy Name

Roi Céleste, Consolateur, Espirit de vérité,
Viens et fais en nous ta demeure,
Le double abime, la fosse épouvantable

Let the rivers of paradise recede to their spring
May their sear beds expel desperate drops of anguish
May these bitter waters quench our thirst
Until the last second of the last hour, forevermore

Vestigia null retrorsum

Twon glances overwhelmed with woes
Reflecting the echoes of a fall upon a bed of rocks
Such a hideous clamour
An agony that stained the azure
The light of the world
And the wretched olive tree
Stars receded with shaking grace
Degraded holy essence, the third hypostasis
Unaltered holy essence, the third hypostasis
De profundis clamavi ad te, Domine

It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God!
Take heed therefore unto yourselves
Wherefore hidest thou thy face
In such a vain move of treason?
Rest assured
No veil in this autumnal would could conceil (neither protect)
from the shadows of the deathless Sun
The worm is spread under thee

Et tous les belements de l’agneau vibrent ainsi dans la fosse
épouvantable sans qu’il soit possible de supposer une seul
plainte exhalée par le Fils de l’Homme qui ne retentisse pas
identiquement dans le impossibles exils ou s’accroupit le

…The depths of abjection, a throne of manure
But even during the ecstasies of beatification
It is by no means possible to separate them
The den of serpents, the knot of vipers corruption-bred
And the balzing spirit of the mystic heaven above
Angel browed with brass
Wreathed by a halo, sublime and infinite
Tunneled by vermin
…Feverish miasmas and a silent canticle…

Implemini Spiritu Sancto
The scorching heat of the furnace inside galvanizes
A grapevine whose roots sink deep, far into the arteries
In contemplation the Lord of harvests long gone
Shall murmur obscene wonders to those who ate the grape
Desperately feeding the empty void
Growing on innocent blood, the stronger and the greater
In ruthless rigour, in funeral glee
Implemini Spiritu Sancto
The foam of nausea slowly rising to the teeth
Yes! Truly adorned with the grim regalia of perdition

I shall hold high a bowl of gems of unseen radiance
Enveloping spirit and will in seraphic rapture
O deformity, hear the weeping prayers
Arise from rot, be my child! be my promise!

The nebulae in the superior sky howled like a starving hound
Aboyeurs de dieu! Aboyeurs de Dieu!
Implemini Spiritu Sancto

Rejoice, for tonight it is a world that we bury!
Have you beheld the darkness sitting upon the eart
Overshadowing the wind rose, lost in the smoke?
Thus many went astray at once
The others wandered hazardously thourgh endless mazes
The rays of the sun whisper of a newborn fright
And very few horrors in the world could match in terror
The cruelty of that frozen caress and its fragrant secret in blossom
La mince clameur de ces etres iniques et inabsous
Plearant a la sortie du monde
Se perd dans ce royaume d’effroi et de cendres
Sinistre Abscission
Et la solitude du jardin de Gethsémani en partage!

Thy pomp is brought down to the grave as we celebrate this Encharist
Bonds and afflictions, living sacrifice of praise
Stalwart vessel of affliction, predestined docile martyr
Eritis sicut dii
Saints de la pénurie! En vérité, nou sommes les Saints de la pénurie!

Thy bend their tongues with a long drawn sigh
Licking among the vilest ordure a few drops of hopeful water
They bend their tongues for this divine balm
Remains of an aborted covenant gone astray in desert waste

The bleak sterility of these buds belies their fragrance
A pestilence that permeates the vastest plains with frightful odours
Among these foetid marshes wanes the echo of a promise
Hope stumbles amidst the solitary shades and lose substance
Facing the glowing darkness whilst ravens croak for doom
The other worlds on high sent us a harbringer
Ignis ardéns – He breathed on them
and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost.

Assailli par les myriades fourmillantes des phosphenes célestes
On se recueillait dans le silence de son départ

Raging winds roam over Babylon like a primal chaos spread
Emaciated beasts howl with angel voices
Thou shalt be desolate forever, Thou shalt be desolate forever
In this place shall infuse the venom
Drop by drop, in bloody mire, until the hearth of the earth
O abhorred, for so much in death and carnage you delight
Behold and rejoice, freed from the skein of time
Fulful your sublime destiny and reveal your divine essence
In fire and hail, in fire and hail!
I will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters
saith the Lord Almighty

In remembrance, they shall pray backwards
As to pray is to breathe God
Words were spoken, a bilious stream alike
As the Spirit gave them utterance
Like a funeral larvae on the tongue
Like a gash on the holy bread
An ignited halo makes the skin taut

Verily I say unto you
It is a God that came to you in malevolence
(And it shall come to pass in the day that the Lord
shall give thee rest from thy sorrow)
And ordained the unity
(Be ye separate, saith the Lord)
What communion hath light with darkness?
Waht concord hath Christ with Belial?
This congregation was cast out of humanity
Under this dire sun of frost
Like an abominable branc!

…Ecoutez les tres étouffé, le tres lointain, le tres pale
gémissement de la colombe du paraclet qui répercute en
écho le terrible de profundis…

Let the rivers of paradise recede to their spring
May their sear bed expel desperate drops of anguish
May these bitter waters quench our thirst
Until the last second of the last hour, forevermore

Vestigia nulla retrorsum

Have you beheld the fevers?
This is the collapse of the mind which has
in the cloudy silence of the heart
proceeded to the lost depths of things
to the opacity of the night
In which the abscence of visions
Becomes the culminating point of glance
God, as in a ray of darkness, in calrity and fullness
Nihil videt et omnia videt
toi, Homme en devenir, n’as-tu plus d’autels que sépulcres infects?
It is with fervour that we shall contemplate
These frightful fields, shining and serene
During the feverish slumber and put everything at risk
Losing an opaque gamble prepared with deadly art
Lavish with its unshriven charms
Smiling with pale blue teeth
Lit for a brief moment by a frozen sunbeam
Merely an instant before the endless fall
Have you beheld the fevers?

Listen to the breathing of that which in sick delectation
And devouring famine restores the new order
By contamination and incubation
Unity restored in imperious necessity
What a vertigo under the vault of the crimson sky!
L’exclusion inconcevable d’une seule ame serait un danger pour l’Harmonie éternelle.

I am an accomplice and my disheveled laughters and moans
Are of the same essence as the fervour of a Saint
It is senseless to fight against this infinite stream
Behind this threshold life exhausts itself, loses itself
Rjoice, for tonight it is an eerie brith that we celebrate!
And with dusk, as shadows slowly recover the land
The most extreme solitude drapes the shoulders
Of a distant silhouette bearing a glacial emptiness
Laden like a luminious storm in which sun and lightening are prolonged
A wound through which, hastening from all points of the universe
Desolation spreads in choatich convulsions

You were seeking strength, justice, splendour! You were seeking love!
Here is the pit, here is your pit! Its name is SILENCE…

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