Mgła – Presence (2006) (…like diamonds in the shit of smugglers)

Black Metal is a genre long stigmatized for its quantity over quality approach, ‘grim-to-the-point-of-stupidity’ attempts at atmosphere and lo-fi production masking the oft proved incongruity of a boy playing a badly tuned guitar in the bedroom of his parents house trying desperately to convey misconceptions of Nietzschean values. Its usually pretty hard to sift through the crap to find something half worth your time, so much so that most people give up with Black Metal as something that begun and died with thee old Norweigans. Mgła is an exception to these (unfortunate) rules.

Presence is a monument. Delivery is honest and full of conviction. Simplicity fine tuned by variations in guitar composition and what I know I will regret calling catchy binary beats you hear all too rarely in MEHTUL. Total dedication not just to the blueprint of Black Metal but to the abnegation of Christian values and society. Not another fatuous band copying Darkthrone but a messenger. Alright, this is meat and potato Black Metal, but its done properly and for the right reasons, and hopefully, you will hear that. Enjoy and Support!

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    Right on man good words, thanx for the tunes.

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