Grave Miasma – Exalted Emanation (2009)

Grave Miasma, regurgitated up from the black lungs of Yog Sothoth himself, play some of the most possessed and brutally convictive Black/Death Metal ever to grace British shores. Formerly known as ‘Goat Molestor’, these guys mean fucking business. I even remember taking my girlfriend to one of their gigs, where I glimpsed visions from the sunken hell of R’lyeh as my field of perception seemed to vibrate from the shitstorm that was taking place before my eyes. I’m surprised shes still with me after that incident, let alone smiling as we exited the venue. If some Lovecraftian monster of unbeknownst proportions were to appear from the nether and take form into earthly matter before your eyes, this is the shit-filled destruktion that would penetrate, rape and pillage your ear canals. This is the dirtiest, most downright exemplary piece of British metal I’ve heard in a long time. If you’re a fan of Teitanblood, Archgoat, or anything with downtuned guitars, impeccable drum work and guttural vocals that utter Cthuhluesque chants in the middle of night as your loved ones dream in a void of naive oblivion, SUPPORT!

Grave Miasma!


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  • Reply February 14, 2010


    One of my 2009 favourites.

  • Reply February 15, 2010


    HOW many times have I missed these guys live? Seriously, they even changed their fucking name to avoid me.

  • Reply June 18, 2010


    This is freaking great!

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