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Pending the release of Coyote and the delicious pre-order offering tendered by Kayo Dot including a CDR recording with handmade artwork from the final show of their European tour – October 8, 2009 in Bonn, Germany (direct all jokes regarding the laughable Hydra Head pre-order to Aaron Turner’s fast growing collection of hate mail), we know that we are fast approaching the tip of the hype mountain and have nothing but magnificently exalted, heavenly oceanic vistas of sheer bliss and wonder to comprehend when April 20th arrives and we dive head first over the cliff face. To prepare you for the musical event of 2010, here are some ‘bootlegs’ from the deepest depths of Kayo Dot’s past featuring material from the Choirs of the Eye through Dowsing Anemone With Copper Tongue era.

Kayo Dot – WMBR Radio Sessions (23rd March, 2004)
– Clear, crisp sounding live recording which adds a unique dimension of instrumentation that passes by largely unheard/untranslated in the studio effort – really beautiful sounding pieces that manage to gel together to provide a sumptuous live take on each track (The Antique, Marathon and Wayfarer).

Kayo Dot – Live in Portsmouth, New Hampshire @ Muddy River (18th April, 2004)
– Slightly hazy and faded as a recording, instrumentation sometimes gets jumbled and the sound becomes lost in itself. All the same it adds perfectly to the atmosphere and presents itself as a rawer, dream-like take on Wayfarer, A Pitcher of Summer and The Manifold Curiosity. I also love the crowd reactions towards the ends of each piece, they’re screaming fucking hysteria.

Kayo Dot – Live in Eugene, Oregon @ Samurai Duck (4th October, 2006) (FLAC)
– Crystal clear quality recording from predominantely Dowsing Anemone With Copper Tongue era Kayo Dot. There are actually small periods where I forgot I was listening to a live rendition, a high quality recording featuring Aura On An Asylum Wall, Wayfarer and ___ On Limpid Form.

Kayo Dot – Live in Norfolk, Virginia @ Relative Theory Records (1st November, 2006)
– One extended 33 minute track with sections from The Antique, Immortelle and Paper Caravelle and ___ On Limpid Form.

Coyote is released 20th April 2010 through Hydra Head records, anyone waiting on the vinyl can expect it sometime this summer through Taiga Records.

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    Relative Theory records is corrupt!

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    Thanks man 🙂

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    It's all so good, been listening all day.

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    Relative Theory set is so good, can't stop listening to it.

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    Samurai Duck set is corrupt, minus "Aura On An Asylum Wall"

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    Still corrupt?

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