Growing – PUMPS (2010)

Out from the gaping maw of polyrhythmic droning havens into more dynamic, song oriented territory. Growing maintain the feel of fuzzed out lazy summer afternoons, bipolar synth/guitar sessions and the heavy undercurrent of droning beats they’re famous for whilst having a crack at the whole electro ambient song structure thing that has become far, far too popular recently. Luckily this album is Growing through and through, in parts reminiscent of my favorite record of theirs – The Sky’s Run Into The Sea, along with many newer, welcome elements. Alot of textbook hard up drone sections have vanished, replaced instead by a kaleidoscope of melodicism, beat, synth and vocal reverb. I hate to suggest the days where you would sit through 30 minutes of drone only to have your mind blown as the music subliminally shifts you into incredible rhythmic palpitations have vanished, but maybe thats a good thing – far too many bands are too content pumping out the same release time and time again. I do love this though. Don’t listen to this because Growing are fucked up or you want something to spin when you’re drugged up, it holds its own when you’re sober too ^__^


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