Blood Fountains – Floods (2009)

Grasping at tangential straws splayed from from my last post >9000 years ago regarding the artwork of Stephen Kasner, I’m back to sing the praises of his musical exploits, which go under the name of Blood Fountains.

Floods is said to be the musical extension of Kasner’s visual works, and for once this kind of description isn’t complete pretentious bullshit.  Just like his paintings, the music is minimal, ethereal, composed of myriad shades of dark all oscillating and bubbling to the surface; a focus on understated holistic composition rather than easy pay-off.
Elements of sound accumulate and accrue, build into towering monoliths before deconstructing again, falling into dissonance.  Interactions amplified by the mind, like looking out into the night, gradations of no-light shift and take form, eased into new directions at the suggestion of the music.

Bonus Track: from the Droning Earth vol. 26 collection, the non-album track Moving Mountain.

Bonus Video: sort of live, sort of arty video of Moving Mountain, directed by Dwid Hellion of Integrity infame.

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