Locrian – Territories

Just to gain some perspective on the size of this release: Collaborators include Andrew Scherer (Velnias), Blake Judd (Nachtmystium), Mark Solotroff (Bloodyminded), and Bruce Lamont (Yakuza). The LP release has been shared between 4 labels, At War With False Noise, Basses Frequences, Bloodlust! and Small Doses. Bloodlust! and Small Doses are both now sold out of the release, the only two remaining stockists are At War With False Noise and Basses Frequences, both of which are European based (sorry amerifags). Thats right, 4 labels wanted in on this, and with Blake Judd (despite his slapstick tongue in cheek attempt at Black Metal as of late) and Andrew Scherer bringing their talents to the recording space – you know this is going to be something special.

By and large the release navigates its way around a host of genres, from drone to black metal, incorporating a lot of incredibly textured, detailed and layered (beyond belief) sounds in the process. The Black Metal is some of the most hypnotic, empowering stuff yet to bless my ears, and the drone aspect proves there is alot more to be found within the genre beyond gatekeepers Sunn 0))). Definitely worth your time, my only qualm is the recording quality of this rip (the CD not yet being available), so do not delay, if you enjoy this make your way over to either At War With False Noise or Basses Frequences to pick up your copy before it dissapears from the face of the Earth. While the link below may give you a clue as to the content and layout of the release, this is the kind of release made for vinyl – the rip omits so much by way of instrumentation.


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    these guys are friends of mine! super worthwhile release. glad to see they're getting european attention.

  • Reply April 23, 2010



    These guys are definitely one of my favourite discoveries of recent years.

    Please tell them they rule.

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