Black Metal will be reborn with the new Watain – Lawless Darkness

June the 7th will see the return of the mighty Watain, with their newest abomination: Lawless Darkness. Lets just hope it beats what little entertainment could be gleaned from Sworn To The Dark, and aren’t being totally pedantic when they speak of the ‘rebirth of Black Metal’.

“The frontcover is made by artist Zbigniew M. Bielak from Poland, one of the few living artists we deem worthy to work with. However elaborate on it’s own, this frontcover should be seen as a mere taste of the most extensive artwork ever seen in a Watain context, hell, even in a Black Metal context! Just wait…”

“The title symbolises the unbound chaotic potential of that which is void of light”, frontman E. comments. “The light that defines, the light that shapes and restricts. The light by which the forces of law and order uphold their reign. In the absence of that light lies the wellspring of Watain: in Lawless Darkness.
“With this album and in all of our efforts with Watain we aim to capture the hungry madness and glimmering purity of darkness beyond illusion, the void that holds all yet where naught is manifest, the primordial tomb into which all the vanity of man and his creation shall collapse: indeed, The Lawless Darkness!
“‘Lawless Darkness’ shall be seen as a monument erected in honour of that collapse and a dedication to all those brave souls, who have willingly dared to venture the winding paths towards it.”

The tracklist will be as such:
‘Death’s Cold Dark’
‘Reaping Death’
‘Four Thrones’
‘Wolves Curse’
‘Lawless Darkness’
‘Total Funeral’
‘Hymn To Qayin’
‘Kiss Of Death’
‘Waters Of Ain’

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  • Reply April 23, 2010


    Holy shit, that artwork is dank.

  • Reply April 24, 2010


    They've said quite alot about how its going to be the most intricate artwork on any BM release ever – I'm personally calling bullshit, but I'm eager to see

  • Reply April 24, 2010


    Seeing as much of BM artwork is sometimes poorly thought through, I'm interested to see as well. I enjoyed reading about the concept too, Watain are awesome.

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