Dordeduh complete recordings for 7″ & full length on the horizon.

After the spat that saw the demise of the original Negură Bunget line-up, Sol Faur and Huppogrammos Disciple’s have quickly overcome the adversity of leaving a highly respected, established band. On Thursday they announced the completion of an upcoming 7″ under the Dordeduh monicker. A release date is still to be revealed but is being presided over by Prophecy Productions. In the meantime, Dordeduh remain in the studio to continue work on their full-length, slated for an autumn release. It will be of great interest to see what these peerless musicians will offer up in the absence of Negru, particularly since Negură Bunget’s latest attempt, Vîrstele Pamîntului, was a passionless work highly derivative of the acclaimed sound forged on 2006’s Om.

Dordeduh was delivered into the live setting on January 24th, at Silver Church in Bucharest. The set featured  classic tracks from Bunget’s heyday, the two acoustic reinterpretations from Maiestrit, plus four Dordeduh originals. Below is a snippet of some fan recorded material from the show. If you find yourself wanting more, look no further than Dordeduh’s official myspace page.

Ok, I’m done. It feels like I’m losing braincells every time I type that name. You would have thought they’d come up with something a bit less unwieldy on the tongue.

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