Order of Orias – Birth EP

Order of Orias are a 5 piece Black Metal/Death Metal band hailing from the southern shores of Australia. They initally sparked my interest with their first offering called…’Offering’. The music showcased some delightfully tight death metal with black metal oriented riff passages and killer vocals. Good times. This, their new EP, entitled ‘Birth’ has been made available for free by the band through their Myspace page. The music bears a clear resemblance to its predecessor, albeit with a greater focus on Black Metal. I have no idea what goes on down in Australia for the country to vomit up an act like Portal and an act like Order of Orias, it must be something in the water – both acts have a unique hold on the genre of Death Metal. You will bang your fucking head and shout profanities for not having heard this earlier, simply great stuff. (Excuse me for the ghetto download site – this is the bands direct download and it works a charm).

Look forward to Order of Orias giving us a greater insight into their world of self-apotheosis and demonology in the coming weeks.

Birth EP

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  • Reply May 1, 2010


    Sweet, I was wondering when they were going to release more. Roll on a full-length!

  • Reply May 2, 2010


    I hear the band is pretty much set to record their full-length, but are waiting for label backing.

    Also, apparently there's supposed to be a re-mastered, re-release of Birth comming out as a physical release.

  • Reply May 3, 2010


    Thanks anon!

  • Reply May 13, 2010

    Order of Orias

    The band would like to confirm that we are indeed working on our debut album (untitled as yet). We are also working on a re-recorded and re-mastered physical release of Birth.

    The Birth re-release should be available in the comming months.

    – Order of Orias, MMX

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