Pyramids – wvndrkmmr 5 Cassette Box

This release makes my insides smile. Pyramids are known for fucking with our heads, collaborating with as many artists as they can fit into recordings. Last years colllaboration with Nadja had me reeling off the edge of my seat, so safe to say I’m excited to get a hold of this. Here they team up with Burial Hex, Windy and Carl, Bass Communion, Hoor-paar-Kraat, Ten Horned Beast, Black Seas of Infinity, This Will Destroy You, Blood Fountains – and a whole Pandora’s box full of respected artists. 5 Cassettes for your troubles, modestly priced at $43.50 from Small Doses where you can give some samples a listen and decide if its worth your time. The packaging looks incredible, and if you manage to get a pre-order in before the release date, a t-shirt will be arriving with your cassette racket.

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