VOMM ‘Black Catharsis’ Cassette

Hell Lies In Others are going from strength to strength at the moment. The VOMM release came out recently and is looking really nice. Artwork courtesy of Black Uroborus Illustration, who will be giving us a greater insight into his work soon. Alright, it might be hard to justify £7.50 for a cassette – but bear in mind the work and detail thats gone into this release. You’ve got beautiful hand made artwork completely devoid of the tyrant that is google images, pain stakingly crafted by one soul and carefully assembled complete with an OBI strip by another. As for the music, it floats somewhere and anywhere between noise and ambience, similar to the first HLIO release from Gnaw Their Tongues. Everything is present, drums, guitars, bass, occasional sample usage, but they completely negate and refuse to use any SYNTH in their sound whatsoever. Result remains something oppressive and foreboding – just the way we like it. Sounds contained on the cassette are draped in atmosphere and the release as a whole does well to showcase a newer, promising project. Be sure to check out some samples at the Vomm Myspace and hit up Hell Lies In Others if you can spare a few pennies for a luxury tape or t-shirt.

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