Lantlôs new album “Neon” available June 14th, 2010.

Lantlôs return this summer with their debut full length release, “Neon” available through Prophecy Productions from June 14th. A marked departure from their earlier self titled EP perhaps? Definitely, if the track above is anything to by. Whether they’ve lost the aggression in favour of a more alcestesque approach to Black Metal remains to be seen, the music showing greater hints of their post rock influence whilst retaining the sort of Black Metal involvement most of Neige’s projects have lost as of late. Artwork courtesy of Fursy Teyssier (Les Discrets).

Directly from Prophecy Productions:

Track list for “.neon”:

1. Minusmensch
2. These Nights Were Ours
3. Pulse/Surreal
4. Neige de Mars
5. Coma
6. neon

The album will be released in a regular edition as super jewelbox CD as well as limited gatefold LP (including a poster, lim. 500). More information on this album very soon!

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