A Forest of Stars unveil new song and video: Raven’s Eye View

One of Britain’s finest hopes for Black Metal, A Forest of Stars has released a video for the song Raven’s Eye View from the forthcoming album, Opportunistic Thieves of Spring. The band has stuck with the  Victorian aesthetics to a pleasing effect with this bizarre little video. Here’s what the band have to say about it:
‘This footage was discovered in the attic of a descendant of James W Longley, Louis le Prince’s assistant. It was lovingly pieced together by the Louis le Prince Restoration and Appreciation society. Unfortunately most of the material was badly damaged and this represents the majority of the remaining film. This is considered to be the final recording produced by Louis le Prince before his mysterious disappearance aboard a train bound for Paris on the 16th September 1890.’
Directed by Ingram Blakelock. The album is released on June 1st through Transcendental Creations.

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    Love the track and the video. Looking forward to the new album.

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