Blood of Kingu – "Sun In The House Of The Scorpion" 2010 release through Candlelight

Featuring artwork by the figurehead Beksinski (3rd image down in this post to be exact), Blood of Kingu (featuring Roman Sayenko of Hate Forest) are to unleash their new opus, entitled: Sun in the House of the Scorpion through Candlelight Records later this year. You can give some new tracks a listen via the Candlelight E-Card and expect some more impeccable Ukranian black metal – definitely something to look forward to.

BLOOD OF KINGU was forged in 2005 by Ukrainian Black Metal legend Roman Sayenko known for his other work in (HATE FOREST, DRUDKH, DARK AGES,), Thurios ( ASTROFAES, DRUDKH, HATE FOREST), Krechet (DRUDKH, ASTROFAES) and Yuri ( DRUDKH, LUTOMYSL). The debut album – entitled “De Occulta Philosophia” – was recorded in the summer of 2007. It represents intensive, fast and grim Black Metal with ritualistic melodies and real shamanistic, freezing voices. The main idea behind BLOOD OF KINGU is Black Metal inspired by and paying homage to Sumerian, ancient Egyptian, ancient Tibetan and Indo-Aryan mythology, demonology and astronomy.

BLOOD OF KINGU reflects Nature and Elements’ power, showing the real sense of Black Metal (nowadays forgotten), searching for Purity, Knowledge and Abyss.

BLOOD OF KINGU’s Art is far removed from the world of humans and ignorant creations like politics, technology, urbanization, religious contradictions and modern hypocritical values / ideals. :

The mesmerizing new album entitled “Sun In The House Of The Scorpion” was recorded in the autumn of 2009 And will de released later this year by Candlelight records.

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  • Reply May 15, 2010


    " BLOOD OF KINGU reflects Nature and Elements' power, showing the real sense of Black Metal (nowadays forgotten), searching for Purity, Knowledge and Abyss. "

    Well…evry fucking band says this…i can't hear this shit. In my opinion Blood of kingu plays a different style and is exactly NOT this what shows the poor rebellian style of fucking old stupid bands. It has the own style and this is very good.

    And i wonder really why there stands the music is not religios… The Name of the band is religios..on the first album there was a lot religios relations to the old mesopotamian religion and hinduism. So whats this shit? Sometimes i got the feeling the musicans do not even know what they talk about their music, or just choose names and write textes without having any idea of them…why otherwise would they say its not religios?

  • Reply May 17, 2010


    They don't say the music is not religious, it quite clearly is religious. They say it is removed from religious contradictions and I'm struggling to follow your point since I can not really spot any contradictions between the old album and the upcoming new one. I think they're just exploring newer avenues for igniting the same feel of older BM.

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