Manticore to release split with Nocturnal Blood and ‘Bowels of the Unholy…’ Re-release

Manticore, who play metal ‘too satanic’ to be deemed purely Death and ‘too blasphemous’ to be deemed purely Black will present us with more bestial convocation later this year through Archasm Haus. The split with Nocturnal Blood will be the first release since 2006’s acclaimed ‘For Rats and Plague’ and will see more of the same. Ixitichitl writes:

Hails to the sick fukker behind Archasm releasing for agreeing to spread the hate of Manticore and Nocturnal Blood later this year on a split 7″. Expect only the most violent hymns of Satanic desecration!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile, other news in the Manticore camp have called for a re-release of Bowels of the Unholy Anoint Us In Evil through Hells Headbangers records. This might not be groundbreakingly new news, but I personally missed out on the chance to procure this release and complete my Manticore discography years ago, so this represents a welcome opportunity for listening sessions of pure bestial destruktive chaos and nothing else:

“Long out-of-print debut full-length album re-issued on CD with improved artwork and layout. Well-executed, simple down-tuned, raw chaotic distorted hymns; one of the very best in the warring bestial black death division! Too brutal to be called “Black Metal”, too Satanic to be called “Death Metal”! This is an ABSOLUTE FUCKING MUST for fans of: Archgoat, Profanatica, Blasphemy, Conqueror, Bestial Warlust, Beherit (early) and Black Witchery.”

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