New Hell Militia album – "Last Station On The Road To Death"

Hell Militia are set to release a new album through Debemur Morti Productions on 21/05/10 entitled ‘Last Station On The Road To Death’. Debemur Morti will be handling both CD and LP responsibilities, including a limited edition Digibook CD, the link also contains MP3’s and where to purchase.

1 – always the same 01:06
2 – born without light 05:50
3 – unshakable faith 05:37
4 – et inferno ego 05:31
5 – the ultimate deception 05:48
6 – fili diaboli 04:50
7 – shoot knife strangle beat & crucify * 04:56
8 – the pig that became a god 08:50
9 – last station on the road to death 05:17

I hope they continue in the same vein as Canonisation of the Foul Spirit and Meynach has not been suckered into this whole depressive element. Anyway, SUPPORT!

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