Isänmaa – Yli Peltojen, Vetten Ja Tunturien Re-released as 7", Picture Disc and MCD

This underground gem was originally released in a limited run of 50 cassettes back in 1996. Essentially the earliest incarnation of Impaled Nazarene, the music following a similar suite with the demo-vibe touch absolutely every kvltist feasts on as lifeforce. Re-relaesed, repackaged and re-released as a 7″, 7″ picture disc as well as MCD, so no reason not to give this a spin on your preferred format.

Long lost Finnish black metal jewel is finally available on MCD, 7’EP and Pic. 7’EP.
Some of the tracks were supposed to be on Impaled Nazarene mini album 1996,
but Sir Luttinen left the band just before the recordings and recorded them by himself under the name of Isänmaa.
Lyrics are written in Enochian, Finnish and English.

Music itself sounds like early Impaled Nazarene. This masterpiece is originally released 1996 on tape with limitation of 50 copies. These new versions are remasteredand including one never before released bonus track

Grab it from Primitive Reaction.

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