New Marblebog & Sump Cassettes

Recording took place June 5th, 2009 at Matchitehew Assembly, Chicago. A live Marblebog release I hear you say?! I echo your sentiments completely, but am more than willing to give this a try. Marblebog play great hypnotic black metal soaked to the bone in shoegaze reverb and fuzz and have come out with some killer releases in the past, including a split with LURKER favorite Lascowiec. Sump are unknown to me, but on the back of the artwork, the ‘Taken Dead’ release title, the fact that the label are putting out Marblebog and the recommendation that they are reminiscent of Bone Awl, I fail to see how I can miss this gem. So in other words expect something similar to blackened punk filth.

Pick this up now over at Titan Woods.

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