Cold Void Emanations: The Arrival Of Satan & Aurvandil Cassettes

Cold Void Emanations is a small underground label/distro operating from the northwesterly peaks of France. They have a tidy release history and I’m here to bring their latest two gems to your attention – these two great looking cassettes:

Aurvandil – Ferd

Aurvandil’s Ferd Cassette is a superbly executed piece of atavistic rage. Black metal featuring acoustic meanderings and guitar based chainsaw riffed melodies, the sound is nothing new but the atmosphere and sense of melodicism are both fucking great. Do not let the track length’s put you off – they do well to keep you entertained and interested. From what I can gather this is the project of the lone soul behind Cold Void, something he describes as his ‘own personal black metal catharsis’ – give this a listen here.

The Arrival Of Satan – Vexing Verses

The Arrival Of Satan are not a new band to me, and the cassette release here is their 2009 opus; ‘Vexing Verses’. Pro-voidal, total black metal that leaves little room for melody or conscious thought. Imagine a totalitarian black metal version of Gnaw Their Tongues, I love this style, I love french black metal, I love the accent that shines through the vocals. A nice looking ‘digi-mc’. Give them a listen here.

Both releases cost as little as 3€ each. SUPPORT!

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