NoVisible Scars – DIY Cassette Label

Inspired by the early tape trading scene of a pubescent metal scene in the 1980’s and early ’90s, NVS is a small cassette label operating out of Connecticut that prides itself on hand made artwork and unique packaging arrangements. Most of their releases are sold out, probably because of this DIY effort, but heres some stuff they’ve still got in stock.

Profanatica – The Years of Pestilence
Their latest release; “The Years of Pestilence” by Profanatica is a bundling of rehearsals and live tracks including some material omitted from the 7″ EP of the same name that sold out earlier this year. Whilst I’ve never been the biggest fan of Profanatica’s take on Black Metal, I know a good looking release when I see one. The material within is the standard Profanatica affair, raw, uncompromising Black Metal. Here to support.

-100 copies manufactured on black chrome tapes with dark red ink lettering in addition to a special insert of Profanatica “cum rags”. The songs themselves while being cleaned up a bit and edited for this release are un-mastered to retain the raw and authentic sound of the particular time period in which they were recorded at.

Scorched Earth – Mars
Hell yes. Underground blackthrash mania with hand-drawn artwork. Release includes a patch for your metal denim jacket and pin for your forehead. Devils in iron, support and conquer!

Namazu Dantai – Nocturnal Veils
Another well packaged release with sumptuous artwork featuring harsh, aggressive wall noise focusing largely on Japanese mythology and culture. You can check out some samples here.

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