Sol & Blodtru – Old Europe Death Chants

New release from the esteemed Paradigm Records. An incredibly atmospheric take on doom with bizarre avant touches that set ambient soundscapes against hypnotic, mythos inducing riff patterns. Definitely give this a listen over at their audio page (track kicks in around 7 minutes in, makes me think of Warduna if they added guitars and some distortion), one of the most impressive things I have heard all year. Lifted straight from the site:

-“After heavyweight, acclaimed work on Van Records and Det Germanske Folket, “Old Europa Death Chants” is a truly epic album of choral, folkloric and atmospheric avant doom over a mammoth 77 minutes. Finding a home somwhere between the claustrophobic mirk of Skepticism, the bleakness of Khanate, the driving rhythms of Godflesh and a heart of European neo-folk, this is one glorious, bleak and rewarding proposition. A very special album and a perfect addition to the Paradigms family, packaged in beautiful, full colour card sleeve and Paradigms wallet. limited edition of 500 copies only.

Be sure to get yourself over here so you can pick this up before it sells out.

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