Blasphemy Confirmed for NWN Fest!

Like your metal as degrading, regressive and bestial as possible? Blasphemy just confirmed for what is looking to be one of the strongest bestial black/death fests in recent years. Seriously, lets talk about flights. BOOK!!

Blasphemy (Can) Black Metal Skinheads. Ross Bay Cult Eternal.
Mystifier (Brazil) Brazilian black cult’s first ritual in Europe. The performance will only focus on early material.
Order From Chaos (USA) Undeniably superior metal from the US. Beyond genre categorization. Their only performance in Europe for 2010.
Von Goat (USA) Goat, the mastermind behind Von’s new project of primitive and schizophrenic black metal.
Xibalba (Mexico) Mexican black metal legends with their first appearance in Europe.
Ares Kingdom (USA) Expanding the limits of deathrash.
Bone Awl (USA) Existential anxiety put to music.
Dead Congregation (Greece) Darkest death metal
Blasphemophagher (Italy) Nuclear bestial desecration metal.
Embrace of Thorns (Greece) Ritualistic and occult bestial black metal.
Proclamation (Spain) Tyrants of the Black Omen.
Vanhelgd (Sweden) Dark Swedish death metal
Miasmal (Sweden) Ancient death metal from the grave.
Faustcoven (Norway) Norwegian black doom metal.
Black Witchery (USA) Black Witching Metal

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  • Reply June 25, 2010


    So yeah, let's talk about flights.

  • Reply June 25, 2010


    I was here last year. Had a JOLLY GOOD TIME. My highest recommendations. Regardless of what you guys think of Black Witchery here on this blog, they are pretty bad ass live.

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