Dethroned Emperor – Bullshit In, Bullshit Out

Completely belligerent, violent, all-encompassing-aesthetic-of-murder grindcore/death metal from NJ right here. Combines all the elements I find so appetizing about grindcore and throws in elements from the more bestial cannon of Death Metal projects. As if Necros Christos were brought up on a totalitarian diet of meat and potatoes grindcore. Everyone’s aware just about how stale grindcore and death metal can be but here the balance is perfect and definitely stands out as one of the more enjoyable death/grindcore demo’s I’ve heard in recent years. Rolling low end guitar rumbles, isolated riffs that set the tone before drums thunder in (THIS, I fucking love it when bands do this), unholy vocal attacks. Perfect little demo.
Well this 2 piece just got a completely-DIY cassette release together entitled ‘Bullshit In, Bullshit Out‘. Limited to 100 copies with nothing but black and white covers, handwritten cassette numberings and 16 minutes of complete annihilation. I know, if any LURKER is like me, they’ll completely lap this kind of stuff right up.

Take a trip over to their Tindeck to give some tracks a spin before making mandatory contact with the band here to get yourself a copy.

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