Dopefight finish recording new LP: BUDS

It’s swell when there’s a band from your town that you can get behind and support full throttle. Dopefight are exactly this. The heaviest thing to come out of Brighton since forever, these guys dick all over the local competition and, in my eyes, are serious contenders for the international stoner/sludge/doom metal scene.

The debut LP, Buds, was completed earlier today and will see a limited run of 1000 on CD for release at the end of July. Even more exciting though is the trichome-encrusted green vinyl pressing of 500 that is expected to drop before the year is over. Keep an eye on Dopefight’s bigcartel page to order yours!
If you have no idea who Dopefight are, amend your ways and read the Lurker interview. Brand new track, Baby Goat Sick is streaming at the Dopefight myspace.

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  • Reply June 29, 2010


    Heard this today. First person outside the band to do so. I'm excited and you should be to if you like sludge or doom, weed and satan.

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