Adversarial + Antediluvian + Nuclearhammer live in Toronto, July 16th

A triumvirate of filthy and bestial black/death should provide a treat for some of our Canadian readers:
 Adversarial, Antediluvian and Nuclearhammer provide the frontline assault for the July 16th show, with militant support from Abyssal Throne, Crucifixxx Sodomy and Freedom Denied. I recently came into contact with Antediluvian after Stephen of Black Uroborus recommended me them; ugly and primordial death metal that some have rather inaccurately compared to Portal. Expect more on Antediluvian soon. Nuclearhammer recently released their first full-length, Obliteration Ritual, through Morbid Moon records and are well-versed in the long line of Archgoat worship, as preserved by bands like Teitanblood, Wrathprayer and Proclamation.
The others I’m not familiar with but it looks to shape up as a great night.
July 16th, Duffy’s Tavern, Toronto.

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