Unearthly Trance – V

NY doomsters, Unearthly Trance have announced their fifth studio album, V. The previous full-length effort, Electrocution presented a slightly different direction from earlier albums while retaining that hardcore edge they’ve become celebrated for, so who knows what this release will bring. After reading Relapse’s brief description it sounds like a more than worthy addition to an already awesome discography.
“UNEARTHLY TRANCE summons forth V; an electric, urban funeral drone and their most epic full-length to date. With V the trio has come full circle; combining the expansive leanings of ‘Electrocution’ and ‘The Trident’ with the sparing, brooding doom of their earliest works. UNEARTHLY TRANCE’s unwavering dedication to their principle’s and craft has yielded some of America’s best metal with V.”

A brand new song, The Horsemen Arrive in the Night, can be streamed here. A short and sweet dose of despair. Released on the September 28th on CD and 2xLP. A cassette version is being overseen by Humanless Recordings with artwork by Irish artist, Glyn Scrawled.

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    Irish artist Glyn Scrawled you mean 😉

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    Northern Ireland is in Britain! I guess he would probably prefer to be referred to as such though, you're right.

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