Decapitated enter studio early next year

I don’t know how frequent Lurkers feel about Decapitated, but they introduced me to death metal when I was about fifteen. Hell, they broke me into extreme metal as a whole so I can’t really ignore the news that the Polish stalwarts are to start recording again this coming January. The news came out when guitarist Vogg was interviewed during France’s Hellfest, and it’ll be the first time Decapitated has written new music since the tragic death of their prodigious god-like drummer, Vitek back in 2007. Vogg revealed that the band will be headlining the US Summer Slaughter tour (which honestly looks terrible unless you enjoy deathcore) then heading straight into rehearsals to grind out material for the forth-coming album.
Personally, I’m hoping for a return to the mechanical brutality of Nihility, since Organic Hallucinosis was slightly too ‘-core’ for my taste. But with the amount of personal changes the band has been through and their almost peerless ability and talent, the new album is unlikely to sound like anything we’ve heard before.

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