Anchorites – Brace The Sky

Ok so… Anchorites are a “chaos magick/social libertarian/stoner/discordian/post-civilisation/arts collective” from Brooklyn, NY. Being assaulted with a string of bizarre and divergent ‘ideologies’ is made all the stranger when they also make it clear that they are “vehemently anti fascist, rascist, homphobic, sexist, xenophobic, police, state and any other form of scum” as well. Clearly Anchorites have something to say. Luckily, the music is pretty damn good too.

Brace The Sky consists of a single track of the same name that can’t accurately be pinned down but a haphazard description of Anchorites would be a heady mix of lo-fi black metal with a deliciously grim and cold aura, lumbering sludge/doom, a bit of piercing noise and some quieter clean sections. It’s a rather epic track; slow and crushing yet demanding of your attention. Obviously recorded in the most basic fashion possible, I briefly entertained how this would sound if professionally recorded only to change my mind almost instantly. The tape generates a very cold, sweeping and cavernous ambience that is only improved by the base sound quality.

Anguished shrieks ring out over slow, chugging guitars and distant drums that build up an oppressive atmosphere of the brooding storm. The driving rhythm gets gradually slower and disorientated as by the 5 minute mark, the song has started to deconstruct itself into a more sparse and ambient beast. It’s interesting and original stuff that I’d definitely like to hear more of.

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