Filtheater “Calignosity”

American splatter squadron FILTHEATER have just unleashed a three song cd ep of some of the filthiest Death Metal I’ve heard in recent times. While much of the retro-death brigade is busy either aping the glory days of Swedish Death Metal or re-arranging the riffs from “Onward to Golgotha”, these guys have gone their own way, purveying a sound that seems to draw itself from the more obscure corners of the early 90s tape-trading era. Summoning some thoroughly obscure sounding and gutteral DM that crawls very much from the same sewer that housed the ancient likes of Rottrevore, Contagion, Phlegm and Demilich – this is the kind of death metal that leaves you feeling like you need a wash afterwards. Always a good sign.

Pacing is important to these guys. Opener “An Empty Tomb” begins at an almost doom like crawl before taking flight – from there on in they alternate between the high speed assault and more mid paced riff driven sections that lodge themselves directly in your head. Similarly, we’re about half way though the head nodding swill of “March into Oblivion” before the blasts kick in and deliver the onslaught you’d expect. What I’m trying to say here is that basically these guys are not the cookie cutter “brutal death metal” so common nowadays from their homeland, solely reliant on gravity blasts and lyrics about dismembered strippers. As they ooze into the closing “Ceremonial Desecration” -a track which develops into the fastest on the ep – you’re left with the knowledge that you’ve heard a band who are already confidently forging their own slimy trail through the death metal underground.

Sickeningly, these guys only formed in April this year – if this what they can do after only 3 months, I shudder to think what they’ll be like a year from now.

Well worth investing $8 in via paypal to but be quick as this gem is limited to a mere 100 copies

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