Boris – Absolutego/Amplifier Worship LP Re-Release

Ok, lets step back for a minute. I know both Absolutego and Amplifier Worship are, in essence, much too long for for the vinyl format and this is why they were never ever considered for release on vinyl. Flipping your plastic over half way through the droneporium of Absolutego seems completely ridiculous, completely undermining any effect the experience has, right? So what the hell are Southern Lord doing reissuing these classics on double LP? Apparently, ‘Due to the enormous length of the songs as well as the originally crafted flow of the albums they were previously only available on compact disc. After much deliberation and clever editing the albums massive content was made ready for vinyl‘.
Make of this what you will. More pointless, aesthetically pleasing, expensive vinyl from the lord, or genuine attempt to repackage some of Boris’ best work on plastic. I have to admit, both albums appear beautifully crafted with the wisened aesthetic overhaul of SOMA and I find myself impossible to resist. Vinyl available in red and green colours respectively.

Order up.

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