new SKELETON PLAGUE releases

The ever reliable US tape label and overall labour of love that is Skeleton Plague Records has just unleashed its’ latest batch upon the underground in the form of three more quality slabs of analog death metal goodness.

Sweden’s Decapitation offer up their “Undead Carnage” demo as one of the better recent examples of young bands keeping the sound of their country’s proud deathly heritage alive, while Americans Horrendous take a razor sharper, thrash edged approach on their “Sweet Blasphemies” debut demo. The trio is completed with a cassette version of one man band The Wakedead Gathering‘s “Tenements of Ephemera” full length.

There’s a couple of other forthcoming releases worth keeping the eyes and ears open for if old school death metal is your thing,with re-releases of lost cult gems from the likes of Among the Mortals and Funerealm, the label’s first foray into Cds with the forthcoming Beyond Hell album and most exciting of the bunch a new tape from the excellent Bone Sickness.

For more information and to pick up these and plenty of distributed goodies, go here

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  • Reply July 11, 2010


    Awesome. Really enjoying The Wakedead Gathering material! Nice to hear some new thrashy DM as well

  • Reply July 28, 2010


    All three tape releases along with the Beyond Hell CD were co-releases with Dark Descent Records.

    Great releases!

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