Drowned – Viscera Terrae 12″MLP (and other Nuclear Winter news)

Drowned’s 2006 Viscera Terrae demo will see another reissue on plastic through Nuclear Winter Records as a 12″MLP. Great death metal album that, despite the constant reissuing and repressing, keeps on going OOP.

This will be available within the coming weeks along with two other Nuclear Winter releases:

“These three should be here within the next couple of weeks at the most, test-presses have been approved since early June!

NWR022 DROWNED (Ger) – viscera terrae 12″MLP (new press in white vinyl, limited to 300 copies)

NWR036 TORMENTED (Swe) – ‘Rotten Death’ LP Gatefold Old school Swedish Death Metal reminiscent of the best recordings by early Entombed, Grave, Nihilist mixed with the raw power of Repulsion. Pure perfection…

NWR037 MYTHOS (Fin) – ‘Pain Amplifier’ LP 16 years after it’s first release, finally a vinyl version with completely new artwork and design approved by the band plus insert with lyrics and liner notes. Crushing Death Metal Blackness from Finland

More info soon!”

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