Immortal announce live DVD – The Seventh Date of Blashyrkh

Purveyors of the purest Norse black metal spirit, Immortal are set to release the first live DVD/CD of their long and successful history. The Seventh Date of Blashyrkh will feature all of Immortal’s finest moments back-to-back in front of the 70,000 strong crowd they pulled at Germany’s Wacken 2007. European hordes can get their hands on this from August 6th, with the title hitting American shores on September 14th. Both the footage and sound are of a very high quality making this an obligatory purchase for Immortal fans. Check the trailer and set list below:
01. Intro
02. The Sun No Longer Rises (from Pure Holocaust)
03. Withstand The Fall Of Time (from At The Heart Of Winter)
04. Sons Of Northern Darkness (from Sons Of Northern Darkness)
05. Tyrants (from Sons Of Northern Darkness)
06. One By One (from Sons Of Northern Darkness)
07. Wrath From Above (from Damned In Black)
08. Unholy Forces Of Evil (from Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism)
09. Unsilent Storms In The North Abyss (from Pure Holocaust)
10. At The Heart Of Winter (from At The Heart Of Winter)
11. Battles In The North (from Battles In The North)
12. Blashyrk (Mighty Ravendark) (from Battles In The North)

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