Inquisition New Album Artwork Revealed & New Track!

Inquisitions latest effort, ‘Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm’ is scheduled tentatively for an August release date. They recently revealed what might be considered one aspect of the artwork. The style remains stereotypically Inquisitionesque with the undeniable ability to send you reeling off into distant realms of satanic might and misanthropic delight. As if latter day Inquisiton have become more metaphysical in their philosophising over the one with horns, the new artwork and album title is reminiscent of a type of lovecraftian fear of the unknown. The band are currently showcasing new material as they continue their tour through US and Canadian borders. One demo version of a new track can be heard on the bands Myspace, but its in their live performance that the atmosphere and character of the material can really be conveyed. Enjoy the artwork as you sit mesmerised by their unique, canonical take on Black Metal. Fuck I wish they’d visit the UK.

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    I came black metal. Nice n slow for Inquisition too.

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