Mortifera – Maledictiih Out Now!

Mortifera’s latest full length, ‘Maledictiih’ has been unleashed on an offshot of Drakkar Productions entitled Apparitia Recordings. The album is available on CD, limited digipack and there is a vinyl version limited to 300 copies only, so act fast! Since the departure of Neige, I have mused over what would become of Mortifera under the sole guise of one Sir Noktu Geiistmortt and here is the result. More deranged vocal arrangements, more cacophonous black metal in the vein of Celestia, more tomb, corpse and romantic obsession, all without Neige’s undeniable taint. I am unconvined this will ever top the majesty of ‘Vastiia Tenebrd Mortifera’ (which also got a re-release by Drakkar recently) but I would love to see it try.

Grab it here and give a new track a listen here.

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