Watain London posters printed in… human blood?

Right. Not quite sure what to make of this, but Watain have been lords of the publicity stunt since Lawless Darkness. First they claimed their fifth full-length was the ‘rebirth of black metal’. It was definitely a good record but I remain unconvinced on that one. Then there was the whole ‘Watain Black Metal Militia’ thing which I have no problem with… but they seem to be taking to their new-found superstardom like a crucifix to a possessed vagina. I just found out that Watain approached NY print and design company, Metastasiz, to print 111 copies of the above poster in human blood from the designer and one Watain fan. While Bielak’s art is stunning to say the least, is it me or is this fucking retarded?

Shit just got very Dethklok.

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    Fecal Haze

    "…Its just plastic lame and weak"

    Corny global marketing strategies somehow dont really give me that whole Black Metal feeling.

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    This will be fetching some top coin on ebay in no time.

    On another note "…designer and one Watain fan"? Are the band members not brootal enough to give their own blood?

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    … like a crucifix to a possessed vagina xD
    anyway, that what they are doing right now, with all that publicity stunts and empty talks is so lame, beyond words..
    just look at this http://shop.textalk.se/en/article.php?id=12680&art=2933678

    Remember that wearing Watain merchandise means showing your support towards a divine form of art that has been and will always be rightfully feared and hated by humanity. It is a sign of loyalty or belonging to the hungry ones, the fearless and feared, the enemies of the world as we know it.

    coooomeeee on! Beer Opener!!

    darkthrone, where are you?!

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    PS: where is the shoutbox? :/

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    http://metastazis.blogspot.com/2010/06/metastazis-vs-watain-part-3-blood-of.html: There's the more relevant blog post as well, so you know I'm not dicking around.

    Shoutbox got taken down because of spam.

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    More circus theatrics. There's a sucker born every minute.

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