Thorngoth – Leere

Captivating, atmospheric German Black Metal that transcends the boundaries of guitar, bass, drum and vocal arrangements to match the underground acclaim achieved by acts like Lunar Aurora. If there were ever a reason to forgive a band for treading the path of the forefathers of Black Metal the way Thorngoth do, it is for atmosphere and transcendental exuberance. The distinct lack of originality on first impressions is quickly usurped by the atmospheric delight and sombre asceticism within.

A talented offering that sees all musicians employing a vast range of tempos, refrains, releases and melodies. The more I spin the record the more Lunar Aurora comes to mind (unsurprising considering Akhorakil actually plays in Lunara Aurora from time to time): Vocals expunged from the throat that coagulate into a heavy rasp, weighty bass production on the drums, a thick wall of egocentric riff work combining to produce a variety of results from vicious, blasting sections to humbling mid paced black metal. Sombre tones that never perpetuate melodic release often find expression in the most unusual of places: Leere III is a great example, an energised build up of cohesive riffing that breaks, falls and builds together again over the duration of the track.

I would enjoy a bit more ideology and reasoning behind the music. Scouring the web has revealed perhaps three words behind the bands influence: death, occultism and sorrow. Knowing why a project makes music and what drives the atmosphere and creative structure of an album really helps me appreciate and involve myself more with the content. The album title Leere means, void, blankness, emptiness. Perhaps the lack of ideology represents the dehumanised, nihilistic nature of the band. Perhaps not. The aesthetics of the band remain primitive, unknown and conventionally black metal in nature. The band can obviously write a decent enough black metal album that varies significantly from track to track and articulately invokes a variety of moods and reflective tones. A little philosophical preamble would do wonders to increase intrigue.

Dynamic, haunting and more often than not tumultuous, fans of German styled Black Metal should not less this one slip by unheard. Folter Records are handling the release for any intrigued warriors of the void. Listen to Leere IV here.

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    I thought I was listening to Lunar Aurora. I am so ok with this.

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