Horseback – Invisible Mountain streaming in full

Horseback’s Bandcamp page, presents the entire Invisible Mountain release for your listening pleasure – completely free. Now, before falling nose over tail for this psychedelic rendition of kraut rock infused drone doom, be aware the album is now available through Relapse Records. Hailing from North Carolina, the band caused a bit of a stir after a successful CD release through the prolific Utech and a beautifully packaged LP through Aurora-Borealis.
If the music of Horseback remains unknown to you, you have no reason not to give the whole album a go over at this location.

Horseback’s ‘The Invisible Mountain’ is an intensely heavy psychedelic, post-metallic, kraut-rock journey. The guitars buzz, drone, and twang, the drums are powerful and tight, the instruments locked into slow burning build ups with sparse brutal vocals rasping for breath. Horseback manages to straddle polar opposites of the musical spectrum, possessed evil and pure blissful beauty, oftentimes within a single song.

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  • Reply August 18, 2010


    What a great album; as I'm not familar with krautrock, I thought of this as blackened melodic drone.

  • Reply August 18, 2010


    It's not really krautrock of course, but because it borrows that 'motorik' beat in places it could be said to have a krautrock influence. I could tell I loved this record within the opening seconds 😀

    Check our posts on Beak> and Popol Vuh for krautrock!

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