Kylesa perform new song in Dublin

Heads up Kylesa fans, footage of a new song from the forth-coming album, Spiral Shadow, has surfaced on the net. No idea what the song’s name is but it displays a certain toning down of the band’s usual ferocity and an increased emphasis on epic, groovy riffs. Doesn’t sound half bad but I wouldn’t hedge your bets on the quality of the recording alone. Kylesa always surprise and impress with each new effort so suffice to say the Lurkers are looking forward to this one dropping. Spiral Shadows is to be released on October 25th via Season of Mist.

Anyone else seen Kylesa live? Alex and I caught them on tour with Baroness in Birmingham a couple of years ago. Baroness were the newbies on the circuit – despite headlining – and after being thoroughly blown away by Kylesa’s explosive stage presence, they were hard pressed to deliver the goods following that set.

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