Sunyata Recordings August 2010 Sampler Free Download

Sunyata Recordings, ruminating somewhere in these great British isles, is a small independent label that has taken to gathering, releasing and supporting a great collection of bands that ooooze talent. The Sunyata Recordings August 2010 Sampler is a free download. The label has planned releases from all of the following bands in the immediate future: Aesahaettr / Ensorcelor / Sleeping Peonies / Addaura / Cara Neir / Life In The Dark / Livimørket.
A comprehensive set of artists that all individually exude promise and quality. Highlights of the Sample for myself include the ambient doom drone of Life In The Dark as well as the transcendentally black message of Ensorcelor. This is worth your time.

Sunyata Recordings August Sample 2010 – SUN000

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  • Reply August 18, 2010


    This label and everything on it is amazing. Super pumped for all their releases

  • Reply September 4, 2010


    check out Sunyata's Canadian sibling Media Tree at:

    they have released CD's and cassettes by ensorcelor, as well as the Æsahættr tape, and they seem to be trodding down a similarily blackened, doomy path…

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